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Season 1 - Show 1 - Production Date JAN-03-16 - Runtime 47M : 53S

"Welcome and Hellos!" - A Perez, M Miller

"My Smith & Wesson Will Take Out A Yeti / Pilot Show" - [HEAR IT]


2nd Amendment [Link]
Brady Bill / N.I.C.S. [Link]
M&P 40 [Link]

Beretta 92FS [Link]


Season 1 - Show 2 - Production Date FEB-07-16 - Runtime 58M : 46S
"Super Bowl Sunday Show" - A Perez, M Miller
"Do I Have Guns In My House? Ask Your Wife." - A Perez, M Miller [HEAR IT]

White House - Fact Sheet [Link]

Should EMS Be Allowed To Carry Concealed Weapons [Link]
Former Sheriff Calls Proposed Concealed Carry Bills "Disturbing" [Link]
Ohio State Profile - State Constitutional Provision - Article 1, Section 4 [Link]
Concealed Carry Applications Pile Up As Gun Owners Wait To Be Approved [

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